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Workhub Harrogate - Registered Address
Workhub Harrogate - Registered Business Address
Workhub Harrogate - Virtual Address


Advertise your business on Google in Harrogate?


Advertise on Google and need a HG1 postcode? Register with us and you can use this address in your Google marketing, website and information to have a presence in Harrogate. Expand your brands reach or have a presence separate from your home for your business.

Do you need a Registered Address for your business?

You can use this HG1  town centre address to register your company address with Companies House and HMRC  to have a professional registered office.

Work from home but want a separate business address?

With many of us working from home now, this is a great way to keep business separate from your home and you can use our location for your google business listing

What we offer:

We can offer you an annual license for a Registered Address at Workhub Harrogate, it's quick and simple to set-up in a matter of hours, just compete the form below and we can get started 


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Business address

Virtual Address

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Work from home

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HG1 Address

HG1 Business Address
Harrogate Business

Registered Addresses can be set-up in matter of hours, then you can advertise your business in our HG1 location


If you would like to register your business at our address, please fill out your information below and we can get you set-up in a few hours:

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